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The Florida Mural Trail is a unique statewide trail that connects mural cities with mural enthusiasts. This organized effort provides a website that offers an interactive map and invites people to visit each city’s link to learn more about their mural programs. With our easy- to- use map, planning your mural experience has never been easier! Explore each of the mural cities and discover the incredible experiences at each destination.
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Florida Mural Connection Enjoying the Murals
Come and explore mural cities that are alive with art and color. Appreciate the unique displays of art that enrich each of these cities. The Florida Mural Trail provides eye-catching masterpieces of expression, education and enjoyment for people of all ages.

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Florida Mural Connection Using the map to enhance your visit!

The Florida Mural Trail offers a fantastic array of public art and murals. These impressive creations transform blank walls into striking works of art. The Florida Mural Trail offers visitors an easy-to- use interactive map that provides contact information for each city. Just click on a city’s link to get more information, see more murals and learn about events and tours. Some cities offer self-paced tours while others offer guided tours! Hope you will find our Interactive Map helpful as you plan your trip along the Florida Mural Trail.

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